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Dubwath Silver Meadows Wetland Nature Reserve

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NEWS UPDATE February 6th 2016


The reserve is open again thanks to the kind support of the Environment Agency who managed to restore the boardwalk which had been forced up and re-hung gates which had floated away. Volunteers have cleared the paths and restored the bird feed store and replaced all bird feeders. There will be plenty of work to do when the weather improves, on two shelters, particularly the Celtic one which has been significantly damaged, but the basic structures are sound and we are confident that another session of daub being slapped onto the wattle will fettle them up.

We are grateful for all the offers of help and we will be letting our "Friends" know when the work parties will be arranged.




 Dubwath Silver Meadows is managed by a dedicated group of volunteers, would you care to join us? Your involvement can be at any level you wish, work-parties, fund raising or by becoming a "Friend". With a donation of just £5 per household per annum you will be helping with the upkeep and event planning needed for this unique wetland reserve. Click on the 'contact us' link to find out more.


Image copyright: Mike Turner: Mark Tilzey: Jill Damment: John Hodgson: Jim Ford: Bassenthwaite Reflections: www.wildcumbria.co.uk: Alastair Yates: Rick Petecki: Robin Veitch: Mike Bradley:©2015


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Visitor Comments

11th March 2012

"First time visit live local and will be back!" - Adrian, Leanne, Amelia & Oliver.

4th April 2012

"Beautiful day, lovely setting, great place & well maintained" - Murray Miller, Clydesdale.

"Our first visit, recommended by friends" - The Toppings, Cockermouth.

13th April 2012

"Lovely place, not to be missed, will be recommended to family and friends" - Natalie & Polly, Leeds.

"Wonderful as always, everything coming green" - Clark + Dog, Cockermouth.

25th May 2012

"Really enjoyed the walk, good luck with the funding" - Mr & Mrs Standen, Maidstone, Kent

25th March 2012

"I really like the huts, I saw a Blue Tit and a Dunnock" - Kira age 8 from Frizington.

17th March 2012

"A lovely place to pass the time peacefully. Please keep up the good work." - 2 Pensioners, 1 Dog and 2 Cameras.

21st February 2012

"Great walk, lots of interest, keep it up!" - 2 Adults, Whitby

"Lovely outdoor walk & interesting information" - Visitor Whitehaven

15th February 2012

"Fantastic child friendly walk, the kids love the deck walking, the shelters and spotting the wildlife, brilliant!" - Visitors : 2 Adults & 2 Children

24th  April 2012

"As a school group for disabled children, we visit each time we stay at the Calvert Trust. We enjoy our walks around this sensory environment" - Redbridge High School, Liverpool.

11th September 2012

"This is a great place; the kids love it" - Masterson Family, Liverpool

Christmas Day 2012

"Great for wheelchair access-best in N.Cumbria" - Tully Family

5th June 2012

"What a treat to have a complete walk that is wheelchair friendly and with such lovely birdsong" - Sarah & Rod Goodyear

12th  June 2012

"Wonderful nature reserve, brilliantly managed, thank you" -  2 People & Dog, Cockermouth

5th Oct 2012

"2 Adults from Great Clifton-becoming regular visitors-lovely place" - Fiona & Mark

1st May 2012

"Fantastic set up for my wife who is a wheelchair user, will definitely come again. Really lovely" - Dawn & Ian, Penrith

17th February 2012

"Loving the Bug Hotel, can I make a reservation, seen a Heron" - Local visitor

"So many birds flying around, kids love this walk" - Local, Braithwaite

15th February 2012 yes

"..our first visit but will be back.....lovely place" - The Robsons

"great fun and a lovely place to explore" - Hayes Family, London

30th January & 5th February 2012

" Lots of wildlife" - Local visitors

" sightings of Redwing" - Local bird-watcher

"....enjoying the peace and quiet" - Local visitor

21st February 2012

"We found our visit a very positive experience, the site was accessible for our youngsters who are wheelchair users, which does make a pleasant change" - Foxfield School, Wirral

20th May 2012

"Stopped off after busy day at work-an ideal place to have a bit of calm and recharge batteries" - Anon

2nd March 2012

"Lovely sunny day, never tire of walking around. Keep up the good work!" - First time local visitors.

6th Nov 2012

"Wanted a lazy day driving-found you!" - Sheila, Birmingham

16th June 2012

"This is amazing! How did you do it? That mud is rock hard!" - Stanley age 6 & Grandad Peter 64

11th  February 2012

"Enjoyed this very much, lived in Cumbria all our lives. Cannot believe we had never heard of Silver Meadows. Fantastic!" - The Todd Family

1st Mar 2013

"Beautiful day with plenty of bird song" - Lou & Archie Campbell, Cockermouth

20th Feb 2013

"Enjoyed this beautiful reserve" - Ian & Stella, Chessington, Surrey

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