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The Site

The Dubwath site is traditionally wet and regularly floods. Its peaty soils soak up water and then slowly release it, acting like a sponge. This gives it an important role in controlling the flow of water into Bassenthwaite Lake and flooding in the catchment and beyond. It is also why management of the site was made a part of the Bassenthwaite Reflections programme when it began in 2007.

The site is managed by Bassenthwaite Reflections, but is leased from the landowner and farmed by a local farmer. Its management is supported by Natural England through its Environmental Stewardship Scheme. Enhancement work on the site was carried out during 2007/8 funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and was opened in September 2008 by Lord Inglewood.

Thanks to this partnership the site is now free for visitors to enjoy and wildlife is thriving.

Click here to download a full map of the site.

Dubwath Silver Meadows Map