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Snipe Bog

The area to the west of the Wet Heath is known as the Snipe Bog and is dominated by Meadowsweet mire. The area seems to form a mosaic of Common Valerian and Soft Rush, with the re-introduction of grazing by cattle favouring a spread of the latter at the expense of the former. Meadowsweet is sensitive to grazing and may be outcompeted by rushes and grasses under these conditions.

In these sub-communities Meadowsweet is abundant and dominant, in the Snipe Bog it shares this dominance with Soft Rush. Other characteristics of this tall herb vegetation are Common Valerian, Sorrel, Marsh Bedstraw and Greater Birds Foot Trefoil. Grasses include Tufted Hair Grass, Purple Moor Grass and Yorkshire Fog.Tufted Hair Grass Common Valerian

Rushes and Celtic Hide

Images © Mike Turner 2010