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Willow Carr

Open areas in the willow carr between the Wet Heath and the Snipe Bog support small areas of an additional plant community, known as the Carex rostrata swamp. Stands of this type occupy sides of the ditch immediately to the north of the central boardwalk and extend into the carr in the more open and wetter areas. They occupy an intermediate position between the nutrient poor 'wet heath' and the more nutrient rich Filipendula - Angelica mire.

This mire community is found typically where moist, reasonably rich neutral to slightly acid soils occur in situations either protected from grazing or subject only to light grazing. It can be found in topogenous mires, as at Dubwath Silver Meadows and is especially typical of the silted margins of slow moving streams subject to winter flooding, as in this site, amongst other situations

Willow Hide

Image © Alistair Yates 2010